Sunday, December 04, 2005

A temporary farewell

A friend of mine, a ubiquitous activist in the Libertarian Party, warned me once that a person can have only three main concerns going in life at any one time, if he or she is to be effective. Work, and family - relationship - home life, are two for most people.

That leaves just one opening.

I hate to admit it, but I know I'm not being effective lately, because I run in too many different directions. I have a novel in progress about Freedom Outlaws, that should be much further along by now than it is - but I use other responsibilities, and sheer laziness, and health issues, as excuses to avoid getting deeply involved in the writing of it. And yet, successfully completing this novel is my greatest goal.

So I feel the need to whittle down to bare bones, in a kind of Zen yearning for simplicity. Hell, I know it's never that cut-and-dried. Besides my paid work and my relationship with Thunder, I've got (endless in both cases!) fitness and home-improvement tasks that I intend to get done. Perhaps I'll have to go with five concerns rather than three.

Even so, with the novel being the fifth, there just isn't room for this blog as a regular pursuit. Instead, I need to take this Outlaw spirit and infuse my novel with it.

I've been thinking about this decision for a month or more. Especially because the kind of writing I do here isn't usually quickie off-the-cuff commentary on current events. It's demanding of thought and time - both of which are needed in other areas for the time being.

I can't see closing down this blog yet, and I imagine I'll occasionally find my mental cup running over with some Outlawish froth that must and will be spewed forth to the world (or the few inhabitants of it who might actually see these words).

But for now, I am taking a break from blogging. My thanks to you loyal and supportive fellow and sister Outlaws who've been here from the beginning a year ago, and I know I'll be seeing you out there somewhere, soon.