Friday, August 26, 2005

Underdog Railroad

Animal-lover Outlaws, here's a story for you from the L.A. Times (link in post title). Link might require registration, but I got it off Yahoo! and didn't need to register. If you're asked to, try

Warning: This is a fascinating story with many levels of lessons in it. But it's heartbreaking too, particularly at the end. Note that it's also 5 pages long.

A friend explained to me the dangers of animal "collectors," of which the woman who adopts Paddy seems to be one. These people are to innocent critters what shopaholics are to shoes. Only shoes don't mind being cooped up in a dark closet all their lives except rarely when they get taken for a walk.

Seems there's quite a Canine "Underground Railroad" movement out there, based over the Internet. Perfectly legal, in this case, so the term doesn't exactly apply.

But as far as the operation goes...what a great way to practice for the bad times, do a good deed or a dozen, and make far-flung kindhearted contacts too. innocent service project to help cover - er - riskier activities?


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